Quality Policy Statement


Delivering a quality service at all times requires our Company to look beyond the present and to focus on the developments which will increase the value of the organisation for all of its stakeholders, generate future competitiveness, lead to the delivery of services in a consistent manner, operate as a learning organisation at all times and lead to more effective use of resources.

 Service excellence cannot be achieved in the short-term, nor can our Company ever truly say that we have ‘achieved’ excellence because it’s a journey not a destination; the quest for excellence will mean that our Company is constantly pushing the bar to get even better at what we do.

 It is perhaps a cliché today to talk in terms of achieving total customer satisfaction but if our goal is to strive for service excellence that is precisely what we must attain. It is vital that we strive to set our business apart from others in terms of service quality. There are many average businesses in our sector, but the number of truly outstanding companies is few.

 Therefore, the journey to excellence requires our Company to ‘think’ as much as it does to ‘do’, and reflecting on what makes (or can make) our business special and unique is not time wasted, but time saved because based on the answers we find to such questions, we will do more of the right things in future.

 Shanahan Engineering is committed to providing construction, commissioning, technical field services and consultancy services that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations in safety, quality, reliability, competitive and in a timely manner while complying with all relevant requirements, legislation and standards. We are committed to continually improving how we deliver our services to our customer through the understanding of their requirements and application of consistent methodology and disciplined processes. 

 The Management Team of Shanahan Engineering is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and the customer experience through training of our employees, continued collection of customer feedback, auditing of our performance, setting and reviewing our Quality Objectives each year and ensuring the suitability of the Quality Management System so we can deliver customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis. This can only be achieved though the support of our employees and their compliance at all times with our processes and procedures.

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