Our Company Culture

We are powered by our people. Shanahan Engineering is all about our teams – from craft labour through to senior leadership; people are what make our business great.  We believe it’s vital to create a great working culture because it’s only when our employees feel happy, safe and valued that they can provide the best level of service to our customers.

Here is just some of what we do to encourage a great working environment: 

Modern Headquarters fixed

Modern Headquarters

Our Dublin headquarters are bright, fresh, modern and open-plan to encourage a positive working environment. Smart walls, leading-edge technologies and best practice working methodologies allow our employees to continually develop innovative solutions for our customer base. 

Continuous Employee Development2

Continuous Employee Development

At Shanahan Engineering, we encourage our employees to develop in their roles so they are continuously learning and improving. We support many types of education and provide mentoring programmes, on-the-job training and trade apprenticeships.

Strong and approchable leadership2

Strong & approachable leadership

Inspirational communication from our CEO and leadership team is vital to convey Shanahan Engineering’s company vision and direction. Our employees regularly receive feedback on how they contribute to our company’s success and why they are our greatest asset.

Annual Service Excellence Awards2

Service Excellence Awards

Our Service Excellence Awards are held on an annual basis and are just one of the many ways we recognise and say thank you to our employees for their great performance, exceptional effort, and on-going commitment to Shanahan Engineering. 

International cultural diversity2

International cultural diversity

Being a global company, we enjoy, respect, appreciate and embrace working with a myriad of cultures and nationalities. We have worked in over 50 countries; we speak dozens of languages, and we continually celebrate and share many cultural traditions together. 

Sponsorship Supporting local communities2

Supporting local communities

We consider it an essential part of our business to support local communities, particularly those in less privileged areas. We are open to employee suggestions about what causes we support, and we encourage them to devote time to helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Service Excellence image 3.jpg

Service Excellence Standards

We adhere to a common Service Excellence Standard, focused on continually improving the quality of the service we provide, the delivery of work on time and the way we add value to our clients. 

Regular feedback channels Baglan Pic A

Regular provision of feedback channels

Understanding what is most important to our employees and monitoring ongoing satisfaction levels is of the utmost importance to us. Regular meetings, engagement surveys, site feedback audits and informal chats are just some of the ways we gather input on where and how we need to improve.

Final Progress Meeting Senior Managment Middle East 3

Commitment to our Corporate Values

Our values are not just words on paper – they inform every aspect of the business and are integrated at the heart of all we do.  Each value drives how we approach our business, and most importantly our customers and employees. 

If you are an experienced power generation professional interested in developing your career working on exciting and dynamic overseas projects, then we would like to hear from you. For the full list of Shanahan Engineering’s current vacancies, click here or contact our recruitment team directly on se-recruitment@shanahaneng.ie


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